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Sometimes you just need a hug

The past two weeks have been full of those days for me.

Last week I had transferred all of my files from my old computer to a portable hard drive so that I could slowly pick and choose what files I wanted to load onto my new computer.  Okay, sure, I know I should have COPIED rather than MOVED but I was all about saving time and steps.  Dumb Dumb me.  4 days after purchasing my portable hard drive, it decided to quit being recognized on my computer.  The device still shows up and says it is working properly but since I can’t see my files, I know it isn’t working properly.

I’ve spent about 15 hours between my own troubleshooting, my husband’s troubleshooting, spending time going back and forth with the manufacturer and letting my company IT guru mess around with it.  Tomorrow I’m “supposed” to get a different cable to see if it just needs more power.

My broken hard drive makes me need a hug.

Back to school is bitter-sweet for me.  I love that the girls are both excited about going to school.  I’m tickled that they embrace learning so much and that they welcome the social aspect of  school.  BUT, each school year means my little babies are getting older.  Older scares me.  I want them to always be the sweet little angels they are now.  I want them to have the joy of childhood always and never have to learn how hard the real world is.  I want my little princesses to always believe they are just that.

Jade is starting to get older and she’s starting to notice that life isn’t always easy.

This afternoon, Ivy said that she had just made a wish and that it came true.  Jade asked her what that wish was and Ivy cheerfully answered, “I wished that I grew taller.  And I just did.”  Jade responded that the only wish she has every day is a really big wish.  I asked her what her wish is.  She answered, “I wish every day that Aunt Anne will get all better.”

I wish the same thing, constantly.  And I’m praying that it happens.

Wishes make me want to give hugs.

Today was Ivy’s first day of “preschool” (daycare).  I know it is the right thing but the change is still hard for me to deal with.  She did well with it, but wasn’t as excited afterwards as I had hoped.  She did make “1 friend” but was sad that more kids didn’t play with her.  I helped her to know that as they get to know her better they will play with her more.  Sometimes it just takes time.

During family prayer tonight she said, “bless that I will learn a lot at my first day of apple school tomorrow and bless that we can have lots of fun reading and playing at my sunshine school.”  (Apple school is a 2 hour preschool, Sunshine school is the daycare-preschool).  See, my little 4-year-old was extremely disappointed that all they did at preschool was play and read.  She was expecting to learn more.  She mentioned it to me several times how she was surprised they just played and read.  I assured her it was just because it was the beginning of school and everyone is getting adjusted.  She’ll learn more next week.

If she doesn’t, I’m going to have a sad little girl on my hands.

Disappointment is lessened with hugs.

Today, Ivy’s school director took Ivy with her to go and pick up Jade from school.  We thought it would make it easier for Jade to know where she was supposed to go.  Ivy talked about her big sister the whole way there.  The second they got to Jade, the two sisters hugged and hugged.  Then together they walked hand in hand.  They may not always get along but at least they do when it really matters.

Experiencing new things are easier with hugs.

Sure, hugs don’t make everything all better, but at least for the moment the hug is the tightest, you feel your burdens lifted just enough to catch your breath and carry on a little bit further.

What are some of the moments you need hugs?

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