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Stewart Falls – our first hike of the season

It is so pathetic but this weekend was the first time we managed to go on a hike.  We have been very hesitant about how Ivy would do with a hike (since she isn’t really the biggest trooper).  So I went with my sister and her 3 kids.  She used my backpack to carry Zachary and the rest of the kids were expected to hike totally on their own powers.  NO CARRYING.

It took us forever to get to the mountain.  I needed to get a new filter for my lens, because I accidentally sent mine back on a lens that I returned to Amazon.  By the time we got to the mountain, the kids were already starting to get tired but they were still very excited to hike.

Zachary did not take well to the backpack, at first, but he learned to love it.

Ivy got a little tired and complained a bit on the way down.

Jade, was constantly way ahead of the group because that is just the way she is.

Kat and I have not hiked to Stewart Falls in years and we took a few wrong turns, but eventually made it to the falls.  The base of Stewart Falls was PACKED with everyone else that thought the second to the last Saturday before school starts was a perfect day to go on a hike.

The kids got soaked, except Ivy because, well, that is just the way she is.

Whether you are going on a hike with seasoned hikers or with kids, there are a few things that I consider a must…

  • Hiking shoes (You don’t have to have big boots that have a steel rod going through the sole.  You don’t need to have boots that come up above your ankle bone.  You do need shoes that have some traction on the bottom.  You do need shoes that aren’t the thin and cheap flip-flops (yes I saw a girl up at the falls cursing while she was trying to walk across the small rock slide).  And you do need shoes that are COMFORTABLE – even if it is just a short hike).
  • Water (Even if you are going for an hour walk, have some water with you.  You’ll need it and you’ll enjoy the hike more if you have it).
  • Snacks (I carry jerky, granola bars and lifesavers).
  • Camera (If you have a DSLR and want to carry it, go for it.  If you don’t or don’t want to carry it, invest in a point and shoot that is little enough to fit in a pocket or light enough to throw in your backpack).
  • If you are hiking with an under 2-year-old, I highly recommend the Kelty TC 2.0.  I loved it with Ivy and Kat loved it with Zachary.  It is one of the baby things I am not willing to part with – just in case.  Why?  well, it is comfortable for the carrier and the rider.  The rider sits high enough that they can see when they want to.  If the rider decides they want to walk, the backpack tightens so that it is just a backpack.  And there are tons of pockets with lots of room.  (These opinions are totally my own and Kelty has no clue I even own a kid carrier backpack and I doubt they care that I truly love it).

What are some of the items you consider a must if you are going on a hike?

Well, here are the pictures to prove we really did go on a hike.  Hopefully it will not be our last one of the season.

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12 comments to Stewart Falls – our first hike of the season

  • A long day hike or short backpack up the canyon of the Right Fork to Barrier Falls. Baby Kids


  • Looks like a lot of fun 😀 My husband hates hiking, so I haven’t been hiking in a long time 🙁
    Looks like you’ve got all the needs covered, though a regular old backpack to hold the water, snacks, and camera is a must ;D
    Rose´s last blog post ..Sugar!


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    Rose, you need to find a hiking buddy. I love that my sister and my mom will go hiking with us


  • runwithmel
    Twitter: runwithmel

    Such great pics!
    This is definitely a very kid friendly hike and very scenic. We took several kids up there a couple of years ago and all but the babies walked the entire time (which is good b/c carrying toddlers is exhausting!)
    A camelback is a very convenient way to carry water—and they come in kid sizes so the older kids can carry their own. They seem to really like drinking from it so no need to worry about dehydration.
    I also think dried fruit & nuts are a great snack when hiking.
    runwithmel´s last blog post 3 days as a chip checker


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    Jade carried a camelback – but I thought the extra weight would be too much for Ivy. I think Jade had the nozzle in her mouth the whole hike until it was gone and then she let Harrison carry it. So thoughtful 😉


  • Brenda
    Twitter: brendaparaguay

    Those are some beautiful places you hiked to. What a great thing to do with the kids! We didn’t do much hiking with our kids, but now I just consider if I can do it or not!


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    I hope you can, my thoughts are with you during your recovery.


  • I’m not really a hiker, but these pictures are beautiful. I could make Adam carry me.
    Kristina P.´s last blog post ..Its Getting Hot In Here


  • Amy
    Twitter: familytrifecta

    Adam should totally carry you and your bedazzled snuggie. But, then again, if Ivy can do this hike, I would bet you could too:)


  • Stephanie
    Twitter: stephsday

    YAY for hiking! That looks like such a fun hiking spot too!

    A few logistical questions for you:
    * How many miles was the hike?
    * How old were the five kids that you took?
    * Did the “daddies” go too?

    P.S. I second your recommendation of the Kelty carrier. We love ours!


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    Hi Steph-

    It’s about a 3.5 mile hike (round trip). Our kids were are 20 months, 4 1/2 and 7 1/2. No dads on this trip. My sister’s husband was working and Scott went down to the Sand Dunes for a guys day trip.

    It is such a pretty hike and super easy.


  • […] past Saturday we went on a familiar family hike up to Stewart Falls.  Familiar yet it was full of […]

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