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It was a long and scary road…

My mom, sister and I have only tried a few times to do a “girls’ trip” and there is good reason for that.  When my mom and I travel without dad, nothing works out for us.   One day I’ll tell you the story of the week we were in DC together.

The journey for today’s story was scary, enlightening and really really frightening.   (I have a couple great pictures from that road trip, but they are in my closet waiting to be scanned and I’m not home).

My sister and I were freshman in high school and college and we thought it was time for a trip with just the three of us.  Mom carefully mapped out our course.  We were going to drive through Southern Utah and Southern Colorado.  There were plans for Durango and places to hike.  We thought we’d spend the night in Silverton and just explore.

Finally, after our careful planning, we were off.

The drive went smoothly.  Until we got to the very treacherous Silverton pass.  Then my panic attack started and I wanted to curl up on the floor so that I couldn’t see the long drop off the side of the road.  While I was hyperventilating, my mom told us all about how dangerous the pass really is.  Especially during the winter when they would leave the cars down there until Spring.  (My family really does a great job of embracing and encouraging my fears).

Then we got lost.

Once we finally found our way to Silverton it was after dark.  We hadn’t made any reservations.  There wasn’t a room available.

So, the three of us slept in our Mazda 626. In the middle of a parking lot. Right by the “Welcome to Silverton” sign.  None of us really slept.  We were sure there was some chainsaw murderer lurking in the woods that would stumble upon us and cut us into pieces.  If not a murderer, then a bear or a mountain lion.  Fear was not our friend.

The next morning we woke up.  Loaded our stuff up and tried to start the car.  I don’t remember how mom finally got it going.  I think she might have wandered to the road to find someone to help us.  (Oh and yes, that only gave me more anxiety and reason to fear for our lives and our innocence).

We got it started and went for a hike.

We hiked, played in the water fall, got soaking wet and stinky.  Then we got back in the car and made the LONG journey home.  We ended the road trip early because we just weren’t feeling lucky.

The rest of the drive went off without a hitch.  But I don’t think I ever need to make the drive to Durango or Silverton again.  Even though it was absolutely GORGEOUS.

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