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I Heart Faces- Photo Journalism


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Finally Friday

I’m so glad it is Friday. As I said yesterday, it has been a tough two weeks. But it has also been a great week. We’ve accomplished a lot. School has started for both girls and there are parts of it that they both absolutely LOVE. But there are parts they aren’t enjoying […]


Sometimes you just need a hug

The past two weeks have been full of those days for me.

Last week I had transferred all of my files from my old computer to a portable hard drive so that I could slowly pick and choose what files I wanted to load onto my new computer. […]


It’s the start of a new year

Today was our first day of school.

It was also the first time in a while that I’ve had to have both girls ready for their day before I leave for work.

See, we’ve had a nanny for the past 4 years.

When Ivy was super young […]


I Heart Faces- Beach Fun

Please visit I Heart Faces for more “Beach Fun” Photos.

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