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time flies, and when it doesn’t…

Remember back when I gave a beautiful piece of art away?  Well, I just wanted to say a little something more about my amazing cousin.

Cassandra was just featured on And one of the things she said, I need to quote here on my post.  Remember yesterday, when we discussed being a parent and is it a joy or a pain?  When they were filming, they asked Cass How can we develop greater harmony in our homes? Here is what she said…

“Each night I quietly tip-toe in to my children’s rooms to tuck them in and whisper, “good night.” I remember one night in particular when I was taken aback by how much my eldest daughter had grown. I started to think about how fast time was flying by and how much I still wanted to teach her. That night was a big turning point for me. My attitude toward her and my other two children changed as I realized that every day is an opportunity to love them, to teach them and to learn from them. The feeling of gratitude I feel because I get to be their mom, now and forever, makes even the toughest day bearable.”

Her answer, like the comments I received yesterday showed me that the studies that have been done about parental happiness were not studies of all women.  They were not studies of women who have made the choice to love being a mother.  Of course, there isn’t a mother out there that would say parenthood is easy.  But as the Lord promised us, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

During this discussion about parenthood, I became a bit nostalgic.  I went through many pictures last night of the past 7 years.  I was sad because the time has flown by so quickly.  I miss my little babies and the small triumphs of every day.  I loved my time with no children, but my heart is filled with so much more love and joy than I ever thought possible because of these two beautiful, funny and growing little girls.  Is every day a good day? no.  Sometimes do I curl up in a ball and whisper that I hate my life? yes – but it is because I don’t get to spend my days filled with their laughter, cries and screams.

This photo was taken when Jade was just a little younger than Ivy is now.

The other night I had had a less than perfect day at work.  I had come home exhausted and found two warn out little girls.  They have spent their days at dance, gymnastics, swimming and “Camp Grandma” with their cousins.  I didn’t want to do anything and neither did they.  We each found our own spot and just relaxed.

Jade watched “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

Ivy played “Playhouse Disney” on the computer.  And I went back and forth watching each one of them.  And Scott was working late.

That was how we found harmony in our home that night.  It isn’t always how we find it.  But sometimes doing nothing is better than forcing something.

How can we develop greater harmony in our homes?

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