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She’s my “Mini-Me”

I don’t think there is a day that we don’t say, “Holy cow, Ivy is just like me and Jade is just like Dad!”

Tonight at bedtime, I took my pen and tried to write on the bottom of Ivy’s little foot.  She giggled and pulled it away from me.  Jade asked me if I would write something on her foot.  I got our whole address written and she hadn’t even squirmed.  My turn was next.  Scott was barely able to write the “A” of my name.  I wrote Scott’s full name on the bottom of his foot.

Ivy is not very strong.  Jade is a powerhouse.  Scott, well, he’s a man.  I’m not strong at all.

As a child, I was afraid to do backwards somersaults or jump on the trampoline.  Finally, this year Ivy is able to actually get air when she jumps on the trampoline.   Jade is not afraid of anything.  She’ll climb a rope, 30 feet tall, and won’t ever worry about the ground way below.  Scott is able to flip and twist on the trampoline and jump across the wake of the boat.  Even now, I’ll try things (like a flip on the tramp or wake boarding) but I am filled with anxiety the WHOLE time.

Jade has Scott’s long legs and round bum.  Ivy has my long legs and no bum.

I love that our girls are so different from one another and so like their parents.  But it makes me feel very sad when Jade comes to me with a tear in her eye, wishing she was more like me.  On the other hand, I love it when she laughs about being “Daddy’s Girl” while Ivy is “Mommy’s Girl”.

Wanna see how similar Ivy and I are?

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