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Allergies got the best of us...

I’ve posted about my sweet, cute, hyper yet cuddly puppy before.  There have been comments about how adorable her is and how some of you have been considering getting a puppy yourself.  Some have commented that they are a lot of work and that you are not up for it or rather that you have a dog and love him to death.

I love Zero.  The girls love Zero.  Scott even thinks he’s cute.  But, the fact of the matter is that Scott simply cannot be in the same room as him.  Even if Zero isn’t in the room with us but he’d been on the couch or the blanket, Scott’s eyes and sinuses knew it.  If I cuddled with him for too long or had him in the car with me, my skin would itch and my chest would tighten.  I was totally able to just push my allergies off to the side for the love of this sweet little white puppy.  But, I grew up with a dog.  I helped my dogs deliver their puppies.   Growing up, I was our dogs’ favorite.  It was worth it to me to have him around.

Scott is not a dog person.  For him, just living with allergies was a LOT to ask.  Clawing his eyes out and taking allergy medicine did not seem like the way to live.  And as you all know, if you are suffering from allergies everything bugs you just a little bit more.  Oh, Scott tried to get past  the allergies.  He took Zyrtec – even bought the big bottle at Costco.  But it just wasn’t getting any better.  In fact, his allergies were just getting worse.  We tried vacuuming more often.  Dusting more frequently.  Bathing Zero every third day and spraying him with the allergen spray.  Sadly, in the end, we just couldn’t do it.

So, Saturday night, cute little Zero made the move to my sister’s house.  She has a puppy that is a year older but the same breed.  He’ll be happier there and no one will moan about allergies as they leave the room.  There is always someone there to play with, that’s his own size (sort of).

But for me, there is a lot of sadness about it.  I feel like a failure.  To me, I have failed Zero as a pet mommy.  I’ve failed the girls in their desire to have a pet.  I’m a failure to myself.  I am constantly reminding myself, I couldn’t possibly ask Scott to live with allergies.  That just didn’t seem fair or loving, but I still feel like I have failed.

Before we took him to my sister’s house, we got him “fixed” because I believe in fixing if you aren’t breeding.  We didn’t want to and neither did my sister.  The girls asked why he had an operation, and Scott referred them to me.  I told them it was so that he’d be healthier.  I opted out of explaining that it lessened his chances for cancer and I especially avoided explaining what kind of cancer.  I’m kind of a wimp when it comes to talking about boy parts with my 4 and 7 year old.  Call me crazy.  I just didn’t have it in me.

Here are some cute pictures of Zero in his “cone of shame” and you’ll notice some of the challenges a dog faces when wearing a particularly LARGE cone of shame.  Challenges like stairs.

There are tears still being shed.  Zero wants to come home any time I’m at my sister’s.  But, he’s having a blast and he’ll figure it out that he’s better off being where no one is allergic to him and everyone is happy about being in the same room with him.  (Except when he has gas and then he can pretty much clear the whole house not just the room he’s in).

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