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What weights 4.5 million lbs and moves at a snail's pace but only at the night?

Last week, I was wordful about “Seizing the Moment“.  This week, we had another one of those moments.  Sunday night, at ten PM, the Freeway was closed so that the new overpass could be put in place.  I followed @pioneercrossing on twitter and found out when they were going to start moving the bridge.   At 9:00 we asked the girls if they wanted to stay up late and go watch it.  They were so excited to get go.  Ivy asked us every 10 minutes if it was time to go yet.  In the meantime, they watched Mary Poppins.  Finally at a quarter to midnight, we packed up and headed to the bridge.  Where we waited.

And watched…

The men working in the dark.

The other crazy people that were out after midnight.

My girls visiting with the men from UDOT that were giving away the water and popcorn.

We learned that there is only one company in the world that can move something that weighs as much as the bridge.  Apparently, most of the people working down on the ground, with the hydraulics or running the remote control were not from here.  They were all from Europe.  Talk about culture shock getting to spend the weekend in Utah!

The bridge stopped moving right before we got there because they had hit an uneven spot.  The next hour was spent waiting for them to flatten out the ground.  We went home at 1.  At 1:15 @pioneercrossing tweeted that the bridge was once again moving.

Here’s where the bridge had to move…

The West side and…

The East side.

Here’s where the bridge was, the WHOLE time we were there…

The girls went to bed close to 1:30 and woke up after 10.  They were still pretty wiped out for the day, but I’m really glad we went.  Now they get to say they watched that bridge almost get moved into place.

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**** PS – I know the title says “Weights” instead of “Weighs” and “at the night” doesn’t make sense but “in the night” or “at night” does.  I have some funky custom fields thing that won’t let me change the name of a post after it has been saved as a draft or posted. 🙂

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