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Family Trifecta

I Heart Faces- Play

I love looking at this picture and remembering how hard she was trying to blow a bubble. I guess she was just trying to hard. She loves the bubbles that she is using because her hands don’t get messy like they do with normal bubbles. She has told me a […]


What words do you want to describe you?

During my Sunday School lesson, we came up with three words that describe Naomi and Ruth. These words were Loyal, Loving and Selfless.

What words describe you now? What words would you want to have describe you?

Here is the list of words I would like…






All the City … Doth Know That Thou Art a Virtuous Woman

For the last several months, I have been posting the transcription of my lessons every other Sunday. I plan on continuing to do this, but I also plan on posting a more personal perspective of the scriptures studied in the Old Testament. I am following the Old Testament Gospel Doctrine Teacher’s Manual and […]

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