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Thursday Find - Sandies Candies

Have you ever had a friend that bakes like a superstar?  One that bakes so well that everyone tells her she should start a business?  I have one of those friends.  She recently opened Sandies Candies for special orders.

I met Sandy years ago and have been enjoying her fabulous treats for at least the past 4 years.  Some of her most famous treats are her Chocolate Cake to DIE for, her O-balls, her peanut butter balls,  her toffee and her fudge.  She also does an AMAZING Sweet Roll (with or without raisins).  I know all of these are amazing because I have had every single one of them on multiple occasions.  In fact, this morning I devoured one of her Sweet Rolls in 30 seconds flat.  They are too big to eat that fast, and the yummy frosting and crumbs all over my black dress testify of that.  Oh my goodness this woman is talented.  (Duh, I so should have taken a picture of the Sweet Rolls with my cell phone just to show you how delightful they really are).

Sandy is located in Utah County but will ship throughout Utah.  Currently she is only doing special orders.  (Today she had an order for 16 dozen of her Sweet Rolls).  Right now she is running a special for Father’s Day.  (Mother’s get chocolate on Mother’s Day, we extend the courtesy to the father’s in our life).

You can call her to order or go to her Facebook Fan Page for more information.

Here’s a little pricing info…

3 Layer Chocolate Cake — $25 (add $5 if you want toffee on it)

1/2 lb of assorted or one type of candy — $7

Sweet Rolls — you will have to call her about those

My absolute favorite of hers?  Her FUDGE.  It is smooth and creamy and truly heavenly.  Enjoy some Sandies Candies.  You’ll be glad you did.

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  • […] Today’s end of quarter has been one of my more challenging ones than any the past 2 years.  It has been so brutal that I have actually completely broken my very strict healthy diet.  See, I find a lot of my happy places are tied to food.  I’m guessing I’ll be pounds up tomorrow morning and I’ll have to punish myself (after the holiday) with a stricter version of the no sugar diet.  But, for now, I’m in a happier place because of the goodness of  ”Sandie’s Candies” […]

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