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Family Trifecta

Have you ever?

Have you ever run through a garden in Austria? No, but Jade has

Have you ever wondered why you are here? All the time

Have you ever questioned why? Again, all the time

Have you ever returned something you had worn, with the tags still attached? No, but I’ve been tempted

Have you ever left meat in the milk department at Costco because you were too lazy to walk back to the meat department? No, but I watched a woman wearing a shirt about doing good do it

Have you ever wanted to relive a time of your life and do it differently? More times than I would like to admit

Have you ever traveled around the world? No, but my brother has with his family

Have you ever told your boss that you quit and given no notice? No, but I know someone who did

Have you ever waved at someone and when you realized it wasn’t who you thought it was, you made a face of disgust? Sadly, yes, I couldn’t keep the smile

Have you ever forgotten your deodorant on a day that you ended up hugging everyone you saw? I’ve forgotten it on a day I was presenting in front of a large group

Have you ever dreamed of going to school naked? School, work, church, the movies – you name it

Have you ever fallen asleep in class?  Did you leave a puddle of slobber? Yes and yes

Have you ever wanted to be a working mom or have your wife be a working mom? I am

Have you ever laughed at a funeral? Yes – when appropriate and when not

Have you ever lost money in the stock market? We have, but I let Scott worry about that 🙂

Have you ever “goosed” someone and found out it wasn’t the person you thought it was? A few times

Have you ever gone to a U2 Concert? NO, waaah, we were supposed to go tonight, but poor Bono had back surgery.  Well wishes to him, boohoo for me.

Have you ever played along at MamaKat’s Writing Workshop?  You should.

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