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I Heart Faces- Celebrate Mom

This week, the theme is a celebration of moms.  During our family party, I was watching the many beautiful moms in our family.  I was touched by the sweetness of each mom in attendance.  The devotion they have all shown to their children and their husbands.   Each one of them has sacrificed so much over the years.  They have given of their time, their love, their dreams and their personal passions in order to nurture and care for their most cherished gifts from God.  All of these women have the most amazing and loving families.  I struggled with which photo to use for this challenge.  I decided to go with this picture of my cousin.  It is a sober picture of her but I think it is also very thoughtful.   Plus she is surrounded by the remnants of our Mother’s day celebration.

Cassie is an amazing woman.  She is a very talented artist.  A super involved mom and supportive wife.  Cassie is a wonderful friend that helps us find the fun in life.  Plus she has a really cool blog that talks all about her adventures as an artist and a mother.  You should also check out her portfolio at Greenwich Workshop.  When I think about celebrating mothers, I think about how she celebrates motherhood.

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