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Placing my bets on Family, Faith and Fun - in that order. Fingers crossed I win the Trifecta!
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Family Trifecta

I'm a mom and I love video games

I always hear mom’s complaining about their kids playing video games. I’ve never understood the “motherly” distaste for these games. Of course I understand that some kids and husbands only want to play video games and they “forget” to have conversations or they “forget” to play outside or they “forget” […]


My CBC Recap and who I am...

Although I have been blogging for 3 years over at Singing and Spinning, I have only been doing this site since the first part of March. I don’t get thousands of hits a day or even a week. But I love blogging. It is important to me to share how I am trying to balance […]


The Reign of the Judges

photo courtesy of Mel

Old Testament- Lesson 19

Judges 2; 4; 6–7; 13–16

Remember how the people of Israel kept forgetting the AMAZING things the Lord did for them while they were wandering through the wilderness? Remember how the Lord made them wander for 40 years in hopes that they […]


Looking back twenty years

This week I am submitting my flashback pictures as part of parenting for dummies Old School Photo Friday.

It has been 20 years since I graduated from high school. It seems crazy that I am that old. Oh well, here are two photos that totally date me…


CBC attendees...

As promised, since I brought cards and Melissa (Run with Mel) didn’t, I am giving you her link right now. It was great fun getting to meet so many amazing bloggers tonight. I’ll update this post later with links to everyone I met that had cards. (Maybe even a picture or two).

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