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A moment of nice weather... (Photo Story Friday and GMYBS)

I’ve been in meetings – over the phone – almost none stop since Monday morning at 6 AM.  That means I have not enjoyed much of my time off the phone because I have so much work to catch up on.  It also means I haven’t had my camera out since Sunday afternoon.  So today, I decided to take a few moments to snap a couple of pictures with my phone in tow.  So while I was listening to my coworkers talking about what is working, I was taking pictures.  I luckily timed it in between SNOW storms.

So, here’s how Zero is growing.  He’s 12 weeks old now and still TONS of work.  He’s nippy still and has really hyper moments.  But, he is learning some tricks and is getting better about using the outside instead of the inside for potty breaks.  He’ll even sit at the door when he needs to go out.  Phew.  Scott is still allergic.  I think I’ll get him groomed in the next little bit and see if that helps at all.  Fingers crossed.

This is the Lilac right outside my back door.  I love this plant.  It gets so beautiful when it blooms.  Plus the smell is divine.

Here are a couple of Bleeding Heart pictures.  Sadly the bush has not done well with the weather changes lately.  We had snow last week and a major wind storm this week.  There are broken branches every where and it is nearly laying flat.

When we moved into our house, Costco had a great sale on Flowering Pear Trees.  So we have a bunch of them in our backyard.  Which is great because I think they are so much fun in the spring time.

Well, there’s my yard this spring afternoon.  Check out other bloggers best shots and photostory fridays….

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