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Bedtime with Laughter

Scott is a wonderfully playful dad.  One of his favorite things to do is get the girls giggling after bedtime.

Over the years, he has done some pretty adorable things.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Draws a body:  I’m guessing you have all heard of “moon faces” or just “drawing a face” to get a child to relax.  Even if you don’t have a name for it, it is gently circling her eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth etc with the tip of your finger while she close her eyes and drifts into dreamland.  When Scott does it, there is no dreamland, unless he’s really tired and he falls asleep.  (Seriously, it has happened many times).

Scott will start off asking what her head should be made of and the child may respond with a pumpkin.  Sometimes he’ll give different suggestions, like a watermelon for her head.  He’ll joke about having corn for ears and work his way through her face or body.  (It all depends on how late we are at getting them to bed).  While he is building her body, he is gently tickling her legs, arms, belly and face.  Even though she is giggling, she is relaxed and falls asleep quickly when he is done.

5 Word Story: Scott will ask them to pick a person, a place (like Canada or Utah), an animal, an activity and a type of building (like an ice cream parlor or amusement park).  Then he makes up a story using those five words.  The stories have gotten pretty silly over the years.  This is one that they have really enjoyed, in fact the girls will have him pick the words and they’ll make up the stories when we are driving or having dinner.

Rhyming Entrance: This is a newer addition to his bedtime activities.  He’ll walk in to one of the girls’ rooms and start talking in rhyme.  For example…

I walked through the door (says it while sauntering in)

I looked at the floor (dramatically bends down to look at the floor)

I smiled at my girls

And did a few twirls (followed by some beautiful spins)

Each of the girls will take turns doing their rhymes and giggling hysterically.  The goal is to have everything you say rhyme until it is time to turn out the lights.  The girls do surprisingly well and think that they are swell.  I, on the other hand, get laughed at because I pretty much just suck.

What do you do to make bedtime fun?

*** some additional information after talking with Scott.  For the story, he comes up with different categories each time they play.  Some that he mentioned were colors, type of transportation, a name, a game, a food – you get the idea.  He also said he doesn’t always do five, sometimes more or sometimes less.

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