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March of Dimes - Service Soapbox

Remember when you were little and you would go to all of your neighbors and ask them to support you on the Walk America?  It was our way of supporting the March of Dimes while in our youth.

Did you know you can still do the Walk America?

But did you also know that you can support the March of Dimes by donating baby products with the Service Soapbox’s Baby Shower?  If you aren’t in Utah, you can join in their Virtual Baby Shower.

We’ve all had our chances to serve and we’ve all had that wonderful feeling that follows.

As a fourth grader, I loved the “Dukes of Hazard” TV show.  In fact, I had quite the crush on John Schneider.  He was sexy, blonde, buff and one of the Duke boys.

As the publicity was spread throughout my elementary school for the Walk America that May, every girl in the school was ecstatic.  Why?  Because John Schneider was going to make a special guest appearance following the walk.

My friends and I gathered our pledges and looked forward to that May Saturday morning.

Finally the day arrived.  We woke up early to start the walk.  My mom did it with us.  The whole walk, we kept looking toward the sky because John was going to arrive via helicopter.  There was no helicopter.

Finally we got to the end of the walk for the celebration.  John Schneider had something come up.  We didn’t get to meet him.  Talk about a crushed fourth grader.

But, in the end, we collected the money from our pledges and loved the opportunity to help the March of Dimes.  We did it the next year – even though there wasn’t a great celebrity meeting us at the end.

Service Soapbox Baby Shower

Service is important, but it isn’t always easy or fun.  By giving young girls the chance to meet John Schneider served as wonderful motivation for girls to do service.   A chance to win great prizes by attending a baby shower and giving gifts is a fantastic motivation for adults to serve.

Be sure and join the party on April 24th or join the virtual party.

By the way – The Walk America takes place in May and that would be another great time to serve.

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