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Thursday Finds- Apple TV

There has been a whole lot of hype about the Apple iPad.  I don’t have one.  I’m not sure I want one.  I have a Touch and I don’t use it.  But I do have a favorite Apple Product.

The Apple TV is the coolest Apple toy I’ve used.  We actually have 2 of them and have been using them for nearly 2 1/2 years.  One upstairs in our bedroom and one in the family room.  We use it ever single day we have the TV on.  We’ve converted all of our DVD’s to MP4 format so that our DVD’s don’t get ruined by little girls putting the DVD’s in the player and not putting them back in their cases.

We can rent movies through the Apple TV, we can watch past TV shows and view or listen to everything we have in our iTunes on our computer.

The interface is easy and intuitive.  Ivy and Jade are both able to use it and navigate through it to pick the movies they want to watch.  The only negative is that there isn’t a great way to type in passwords and usernames with the remote.

One of my favorite things about our Apple TV is that we can watch YouTube on our big screen.  Why do I care about YouTube?  I have a favorite show and it is not on in the states.  But the CBC puts it on YouTube the day after in airs up North.  If you get a chance, check out Little Mosque on the Prairie.  It is so well done and I’m so bummed that the season is over.  I can’t wait until the fall season starts.

Be sure and check out Apple TV.  It is the coolest gadget out there.

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