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10 things blogging has taught me- Writing Workshop

I really enjoy the prompts that MamaKat provides each week.  I love reading everyone’s posts and love the challenge to write my own.  This week I am following prompt number 1.

List of 10 things blogging has taught you.

I started blogging in 2007.  Our first blog was created by my husband to document our trip to Germany.  We planned on posting pictures of his birthplace and the many sites he visited while living there as a 19-20 year old.  We posted exactly one picture that showed how fast we went on the Autobahn.

  • I learned that starting a blog is way easier than actually blogging.

The next blog that I started was a few months later.  I posted my first post in May and my second post in December.

Once I started posting in December, I never stopped.

  • I learned that everything has a season and 2007 was not the season for me to blog

Since the post in December 2007, I have started several blogs.  Some have proven to have more staying power than others.  There’s Singing and Spinning-  still active and my first blog.  This is where you find my family journal.  Next there was Singing and Spinning in the kitchen.  I haven’t posted there since October.  After that I archived some of my favorite photos at Two Sanfords and a Camera.  I also have a blog for my “if I ever decide to really do it” photography business.  Oh, there is also our private blog where the girls journal about their week.  It’s called “Their Week- Their Words.”

  • I have learned I have a very addictive personality.
  • I learned that I have more to say and share than I ever thought I did.

Each of my blogs have defined something different about me that I have enjoyed discovering.

  • I learned that I love writing and taking pictures
  • I learned that I like other people reading my thoughts and sharing their opinions

Before I blogged, I kept a journal. My first journal was when I was 8.  I have many many volumes.  Some of the volumes have been thrown away because I decided they shared more about me than I wanted my kids and grandkids to read.  Others are just too difficult to read because my penmanship in not pretty.

  • I have learned that blogging is the best way to journal.  When you hit the submit button, you are signing your name to it and saying that you are okay with everyone reading it.
  • I have learned that blogging is ideal for preserving our story for generations.  I’m not naive enough to believe that the blogosphere will still be around when my great grandkids are, but I printed my blog with lulu and have a fabulous hard-copy for each of my girls.  And I can have them print of another one anytime I need to.  If I do this once a year, I’ll have a pretty awesome library to send with each girl on her wedding day.

I started my addiction with blogging back in 2006 when my brother and his family started theirs.  They traveled around the world and shared every step of the way through their blog.  For a long time, their blog and Simply Recipes were the only blogs I knew about.  Boy has that changed.

  • I have learned that there are more amazing blogs out there than I could ever read.  In fact, my reader has more than I can read in a week.
  • Lastly, I have learned that the blogging world is a world of interested, interesting, caring and social people.  I have loved getting to know “blogging friends” through the computer.

Take a moment and go check out some of the other prompts and writings from MamaKat’s workshop.  You’ll be glad you did.

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