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Wordful Wednesday - Teddy Bear

On Saturday, Ivy got hurt during her dance competition.

Right before her first number, Ivy and another cute little girl collided backstage.  They were both beside themselves because, well, they are 4 years old.  Their sweet teacher was able to convince them that going onstage was the right thing to do.

Both girls danced beautifully and you would never know they had been crying.

I went back to meet Ivy and get her ready for the Teddy Bear dance.  I noticed a small cut on her foot that had been bleeding.  Because I am a smart mom, ha ha, I didn’t say anything to her.  Which proved to be the right choice because once she found out – five minutes later – the biggest melt down of her life began.  Holy cow she would not stop crying – even after we found a sweet mom that had a band aid.  Have you ever heard of a band aid not helping a little tiny cut?  She cried and cried.  So Miss Alexis told me to leave Ivy with her and everything would be okay.

I sat down with the family and prepared for the cutest dance of the competition.  The MC announced Teddy Bear was on deck.  Then after the next number, Teddy Bear was still on deck.  I noticed Ivy’s dance teacher over waving at me to get my attention.  I hurried back to find out that the only way Ivy would go on stage was if I was back stage.  Ms Alexis told her that if she didn’t go on, none of the other girls could go on.  Ivy simply said, “Oh well.”  So, backstage I stayed.

On the bright side, I managed to get some of my favorite pictures of the competition, from backstage.

Of course, if you ask Ivy about how she did in the dance competition there isn’t a mention of her hurt toe nor that she wouldn’t go on stage.  According to her, she was perfect and pointed her toes and everything.

Oh how I wish I was more like my girls because both of them forget the hard times so quickly and go on and on about the good times.  I just hope it doesn’t go away as they get older.

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