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My do-over day

…my wedding day.

Today, I am participating in a writing workshop with MamaKat.  The prompt that I have chosen to write about it is “If you had to relive a day in your life what day would it be?”

I loved my wedding day, and would love to have that day to do over again.  There was so much about it that I loved but I have a few important things that I would change.

Allow me to start with a list of some of my favorite parts of that beautiful day in May 2001.

This was the day that I said “I do” to the most amazing man.  I married the man of my dreams and I didn’t settle on a thing.  (Even though at 29 years old it was tempting.  Oh and yes, I realize 29 is only old outside of the Mormon Utah community).

Where I got married was beautiful and perfect.  We were blessed with a sunny and warm day, following several long days of heavy rainfall.  The rain helped the flowers and the ground cover grow and cover the grey remains of winter.

Speaking of flowers, my flowers were amazing.  My mom is a wonderfully talented floral designer.  She was able to make the bouquet that I had always wanted – white tulips.  The rest of the flowers all around were tasteful and beautiful.

Our cake – perfect.  My 5th grade teacher became a cake decorator after she left teaching.  It was delicious and elegant.  Unfortunately the frozen top was ruined when the freezer broke – only months before our first anniversary.

I loved my dress but it was not my dream dress.  My dream dress, you ask?  Oh that was a Melissa Blackburn original.  Unfortunately we had a short engagement and there just wasn’t time for one of her masterpieces.  We did get to have the flower girls in dresses from her children’s line.    They were beautiful and my girls got to have them as their easter dresses a couple years ago.

I would love to relive that day and be reminded of the love and support that surrounded us that day.  The happiness that is reserved for wedding days and births of your children is so intense that you seem to forget it.

So what would I change?

1.  We had a very tight budget and my husband wasn’t big on the idea of a great big bash.  So for lunch, following the ceremony, we had a barbecue.  I honestly don’t remember eating it, but from what I remember hearing it was wonderful.  But we were limited by budget to a small number of guests.  We didn’t even invite most of our cousins.  Because we had narrowed it down to such a small group, there were some important people left off of the guest list.  One of my closest, dearest and longest friends was left off the list – and I’ve regretted it always.  My parents also left some of their closest friends off the guest list – something that they have regretted as well.

2.  The next big thing that I would have changed was that we should have hired a photographer.  I have some beautiful pictures from that day that my mom took and that my talented cousin took.  But, both of those people were also part of the wedding.  It is always worth hiring someone, outside of the family, to focus just on the pictures.  I have no bridal portraits.  I have no great pictures of the two of us.  I’m just lucky that my mom and my cousin are both so talented.

If I could relive it, I would embrace every single moment.  I would make sure that I was a gracious and loving bride.  If I could capture the excitement of the moment and draw from it every day – I would.

It is sad that the biggest and most important days of our lives are so full that we can’t remember the sweet little things forever.  Luckily we have pictures to prompt our memories.  Or, maybe, it’s just me who doesn’t remember the big days as well as I would like. Either way, those are the reasons I would do-over.

Be sure and visit MamaKat’s workshop and see how other people answered her prompts.

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15 comments to My “do-over” day would be…

  • Erin
    Twitter: ErinsMiracles

    At least you remember that you were there and he was there!
    .-= Erin´s last blog ..Just because…. =-.


  • What a beautiful post and your special day sounds amazing. And I adore your cake xx


  • parenting BY dummies
    Twitter: thenagainphoto

    As a wedding photographer I can tell you that people consistently underestimated their need for a photog. They always assume Aunt Ellie and Cousin Sue can snap the shots, and they can when they aren’t wrapped up in the moment, crying into their tissues, or enjoying the BBQ like everyone else. Wedding photographers are not a part of the action and they don’t get emotional (ok only just that ONE time) so they are able to cover all of the shots. But, at least you have your memories and they are good ones. And, your cake and flowers were gorgeous. Wish you had posted a pic of your dress. I’m interested to see what you got instead of your dream dress?!
    .-= parenting BY dummies´s last blog ..Wordful Wednesday. St. Patty’s Day Boy =-.


    Twitter: familytrifecta

    I’ve added a picture of my dress. It was a Nicole Miller bridesmaid dress. 🙂 One thing is for sure- both of my daughters will have a wedding photographer.


  • I agree with number 2. The photographer will be the 4th most important person at my upcoming wedding – right after me, the groom and my mother.

    It’s so great that you enjoyed your day!
    .-= Paige´s last blog ..daily routine: a poem =-.


  • I’d love to re-live my wedding day as well. Keep all my memories and re-live to add more. You are so right; there is so much going on that day that it is hard to keep track of everything.
    We had the wedding photographer. Paid the money. Never ordered the pictures. And now a amature photographer, I’m shooting my friends wedding in a few months. I’m a nervous wreck! That first picture of you walking up and the flower girls, stunning!
    .-= Christie@MommyDrinksBecauseYouCry´s last blog ..Evil Baby Sister =-.


  • You look SO amazing. I love your dress. I love that it was special and wonderful. I am sad that you couldn’t invite some of your closest friends. People are so important. We didn’t have a wedding but if we did I would just have appetizers so we could invite all the people that have been a big part of our lives. Was your friend sad not to be invited? PS Your cake looks SO good. Oh. My. Gosh!


  • Jen
    Twitter: buriedwithkids

    I too would like to relive my wedding day and if I ever get the chance, I am going to be sure to actually eat some of my wedding cake. 🙂


  • Simply beautiful. Your flowers were stunning!



  • You were a beautiful bride and it sounds like your day was perfect!


  • I was almost thinking that the barbecue sauce got on your beautiful dress. Whew–thank goodness I was wrong. I sometimes wished that I could have had a photographer too. We went the “Place a camera at every table” route and got some great candid shots that a professional photographer may have missed. My wife and I struggled to get 100 people to show up at our reception in order to get a discount (that’s what we get for having such small families).

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful moment with all of us,
    .-= Christopher (AKA: CaJoh)´s last blog ..Out of Sight and Out of Mind =-.


  • we had a very small wedding too, and really regretted the photographer we chose- but it was, at the time, what we could do- and our wedding was extremely wonderful and intimate and that is what matters- amazing photos, of a terrible day, wouldn’t be better! but still, like you, i would have loved to have better photographs. i’m now a photographer (but my business doesn’t focus on weddings) but i’m ALWAYS telling people to do whatever you can to cut back- have a cake reception for instance, so you can afford a wonderful photographer. so important. much more than what your guests eat 🙂
    .-= Megan´s last blog ..No Apologies for All the Re-Posted Pictures This Week =-.


  • What a lovely wedding you had! I had a photographer for my wedding ceremony but not at my reception. In retrospect, I wish we had done that so I’d have a better record of who was there.


  • runwithmel
    Twitter: runwithmel

    I think there is something wonderful about a small, intimate group being involved in such a special day. Besides, all the people that matter the most have been able to celebrate your happiness through the years with you!
    .-= runwithmel´s last blog ..looking forward to the release of….. =-.


  • Stephanie
    Twitter: stephsday

    I definitely concur about hiring a professional photographer for wedding day portraits. My FIL took our wedding day pictures and, although they turned out decent, they certainly weren’t outstanding.

    I always tell brides-to-be to splurge on the dress and the photographer…and not to worry much about the other details.
    .-= Stephanie´s last blog ..Random Bits of Wonderfulness =-.


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