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In 1988, I was like every other teenage girl...

…I had such a crush on the “Coreys”. 

I was introduced to Corey Haim at the same time as everyone else.  “Lost Boys” was the movie that all of our dreams were made of.  Cute boys and HOT vampires.  (In fact, I still listen to the soundtrack and it still gives me the chills).  Teaming Corey up with Corey Feldman created the perfect duo of best friends.

Lucky for the teenage girls of the late 80’s, the two decided to team up for what had hopes of being a blockbuster movie- at least in our eyes.

Oh the anticipation for “Licensed to Drive” was almost more than a 16 year old girl who just got her license could handle.  My old friend, Danielle, and I watched the coming attractions with our hearts all a flutter.  We talked about it, we planned for it and we of course dreamed about this much awaited film.   I may be mistaken, but I believe we went opening day- to a matinee.  Sadly, we were somewhat disappointed in our heart throbs.  Oh, don’t get me wrong- they were still cute as ever, but the storyline just couldn’t live up to the dreams we had for the movie.

What was so special about the “Coreys”?  They were two cute boys that had energy and great big smiles that could melt a girl’s heart.  If I look at them the way they looked then with today’s eyes, I wouldn’t even notice them.  But back in ’88 they were considered hot- feathered hair and all.  Did we really think the rolled up sleeves and the striped t-shirts were sexy?  In high school, did I even look twice at the guys that dressed like Corey H?  Oh, I definitely looked twice at the ones that dressed like Corey F- he was a bit more edgy and the bad boy image.

Sadly, as they began the downhill slide so many young actors follow, I quit caring.  I quit watching for them and I quit dreaming about them.  (Unless I was watching “Lost Boys” for the 10 millionth time- then my dreams returned).

For a brief moment, I considered watching their show “The Two Coreys” but it was very brief moment.  I mean, really, who wants to watch your teenage crush being 20 years older with nothing but a lot of rehab to show for it.  And, from what I heard about it- it was a lot about Corey and his struggles with drugs.

Sadly, it appears Corey Haim never really came out of his drug induced rut-although, the autopsy hasn’t proven a drug overdose just yet.  There is still hope that he actually died from the flu- or what ever sickness he has recently been treated for. 

Corey Feldman- we’re cheering for you that you can hang on and be strong.  (Plus, you were always my favorite!)  We lost River so many years ago, and now Corey, our generation can’t take losing you too.


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