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Tuesday Tips- Dads and Daughters (Part 1)

Dads have a special bond with their little girls. 

But those relationships don’t come without work.

A dad of girls has to deal with dress-ups, ballet lessons, gymnastics meets, recitals, high pitched squeals, mood swings, tears and that’s while they are still young.  When the social calender is filled up by girly activities- it is sometimes hard for a dad to find his place amongst the tutus.

In our house, dad is totally out numbered- yet both girls have a great relationship with their dad. 

These relationships are strong because Scott works on them.  He does activites with each of his girls.  He’ll play video games with them, go out and ride scooters with them, and build forts for them.

The most impressive thing that Scott does with his girls is taking them on daddy-daughter dates.  They are the nights that the girls remember and talk about often.  It isn’t important what they do on the date as long as they are out having fun.  Some of the dates have been movies, museums or roller-skating.  The important thing is that it is just the two of them.

My dad took me on dates when I was little.  He also took my sister.  With my brother, he’d do fun father-son bonding activities.  We bonded over those activities- and our relationship is still strong today.

Working on relationships means something different for each of us.  Daddy-Daughter Dates have been a great way in our home. 

What about for your family- how does dad build relationships with the kids?



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